"Development of communicative abilities" courses

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The Educational Innovative Centre at the Faculty of Pedagogy holds courses on developing communication skills.

- Public speaking etiquette for successful people

- First steps in foreign language learning: Polish and English

Polish language

Since  September 21st, 2014 within the bounds of the Educational Innovative Centre Courses of Polish language have been held. The programme is adjusted to  basic states of language education concepts of the Republic of Belarus and developed on the ground of the “Curriculum for classes with minority language learning” approved by the order of the ministry of Education  of the Republic of Belarus  № 684 from 02.11.2011

The course “First Steps in Polish learning” is designed for schoolchildren of 2nd-4th forms. The main purpose of teaching is to give basic knowledge on the language, system of modern standard Polish (its phonetics, graphics, inflection and word formation, syntax and lexis) as well as to ensure language development of students.

The classes are scheduled for Sundays at comfortable for students time. During the classes special designed workbooks are used, gamification is widely implied: active games, role-playing games, learning of poems and songs in Polish. Educating videos and cartoons in Polish are especially popular. They make learning a foreign language more approachable and informal.

The course “We study Polish” is designed for adults. Special attention is paid to  developing speaking skills what is expressed in learning communicative topics, choosing material for every class.


The programme “First steps in English learning” lets your children learn their first foreign language that is English. The programme is designed for preschoolers and elementary school children. Teaching brings together interactive technologies and the communicative approach (enriching vocabulary and communication in English).

Learning process in the bounds of this programme is balanced and harmonious. There are 4 basic speech skills, teacher helps to develop: reading, writing, speaking, listening. From the first lessons, even the youngest learners  begin to study not only oral speech, but also written one. Moreover teachers not only teach a set of knowledge but also shape basic skills for conducting a conversation.

We would like to point out that learning English is a regular activity. It consists of several modules which means that with growth of a child the contents of learning process is getting more difficult. In addition to classes in the Centre directly doing homework is necessary for successful learning.

Educational process is based on communication between a teacher and children in English. Exciting games make the process of new words and expressions memorizing easier for children. Learning poems and songs kids memorize new words and develop congenital linguistic ability and overcome language barrier. During lessons children listen to fairy-tales and watch educational cartoons in English. Thus, they gain their first experience in foreign language perception and basic speaking skills. In the classroom children learn new words on different topics. Thus, their vocabulary in different spheres of life is formed.

Knowledge gained in the Educational Centre provides balanced and all-round development. Let your child an opportunity to study with pleasure!

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