"Drawing for entering higher educational institutions" courses

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The Faculty of Arts and Design offers educational drawing courses for applicants to higher education establishments.

The purposes of these courses:

  • To give professional skills in academic drawing
  • To teach students to see and depict objects of the world around us by rendering their shape and volume
  • To teach how to arrange objects over their position to each other and the artist’s eye 
  • To develop and accumulate skills 
  • To teach how to render a light and aerial environment by various graphic means: line, stroke, spot
  • To master the techniques and methods of work with drawing tools
  • To get prepared psychologically for entrance tests, prepare for the entrance exam properly

Target group: citizens aged 17-60

Frequency of service: during the school year

Number of hours: 136 hours.

Number of people in a group: 8

Location: Dzerzhinskogo Str., 28, office 1, Grodno

At the end of the course, a standard certificate is issued.

Contact information:

Faculty of Arts and Design

Dzerzhinskogo Str., 28, Grodno

+ 375 (29) 784 76 70

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