"Speechwriting: the skill of writing public speeches" courses

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Preparation and writing texts for oral presentations in front of an audience. The purpose of the courses is to teach how to convey thoughts in the way the most interesting for the audience in order to make the performance memorable and left  pleasant impression. The course programme is focused on practice with emphasis on the development of the ability to influence the audience through the combined technologies of public speaking.

The purpose of the courses is to form the following skills in students:

  • to create bright, catchy text;
  • to structure your thoughts effectively;
  • to capture and hold the attention of the audience;
  • to build the content, composition of the text in accordance with the target audience;
  • to use figurative-expressive means in the text;
  • to pick effective argumentation;
  • write texts of speeches of various types (by purpose and scope).

The courses will enable you to master skills  of preparing texts successfully and organizing oral public speaking, and to  learn how to shape your speech image.

Duration of the service: on request

Number of service hours: 16 academic hours (4 weeks).

Minimum number of people in a group: 5 people.

Age: 17 and older

Fee: 61,20 for a participant

Contact Information:

Faculty of history, communication and tourism

Academic-research-production association “Student media centre” 

Ozheshko Str., 22, office 324, 325, Grodno

+375 (152) 73 19 88, Nasedkina Nadezhda Igorevna

+375 (29) 7 838 222, Bludova-Goi Kira Maryanovna

+375 (29)881 21 75, Pavlova Anastasiya Andreevna



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