Webinars on preparing for centralized testing

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The Department of modern technologies of pre-University education invites 10-11 year students  to free classes (webinars) aimed at preparing for centralized testing.

Classes are held in the distant form.

History of Belarus
Belarusian lands in the 9th-13th centuries
Silova Svetlana Vladimirovna, candidate of historical Sciences, associate Professor
Equations and expressions with the module: how to start a solution
Romanovskiy Yuriy Yatsentovich Dean of the faculty of pre-University training, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, associate Professor
01.03.201816.00MathematicsSolution of rational equationsKorlyukova Irina Aleksandrovna, head of the Department of modern technologies of pre-University education, candidate of physical and mathematical Sciences, associate Professor

A webinar is an online training session.

How webinars work

  • A day before the class, the participant receives an email about the webinar.
  • The email contains a link to the event, which leads the user to a special platform — the webinar room.
  • In the webinar room, the user sees a small window with a video broadcast of the presenter's face, a large screen for the presentation, and a chat where you can communicate with other participants and ask questions to the speaker.
  • The lesson is held in the form of a lecture, but you have the opportunity to ask questions, answer questions from the teacher.

ATTENTION!!! You participate in the webinar from the comfort of your home. You need a computer and Internet connection.

To participate in webinars, you must register (registration ends one day before the webinar).

Link to register for the webinar.

Contact details:

Faculty of pre-University training

Grodno, Oktyabrskaya str.5

Dombrovskaya Tatyana Gennadievna

+375 (29) 267 96 73


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