"Man and women in the space of interpersonal relations" courses

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The purpose of this programme is a study of constructive and destructive ways of building interpersonal relationships between men and women. Participants discuss and study phenomena of sympathy, limerence, emotional affection, love, antipathy, neurotic dependency between men and women based on a study of the situations of group members. The importance of emotions in interpersonal relationships is considered. With the help of acquired skills of self-discovery and gained understanding, it becomes possible to build a satisfying relationship and improve the quality of life. Participants of the course get the opportunity to realize their own capabilities and limitations, to identify factors that block the formation of productive interpersonal relationships, which allows to live a full life. Group examines issues related to the behaviour of women and men in the family, the perception of the family and marriage between men and women. Family conflicts, gender stereotypes, crises in interpersonal relationships, breakup, separation, divorce are investigated. The study of the phenomena of interpersonal relations between men and women is carried out from the point of view of the existential approach.

Category of participants: Wide range of participants

Duration: 6 hours

Fee: 20 BYN

Leader: Rakitskaya Anna Victorovna, PhD in psychology, certified existential-phenomenological analyst.

Contact Information:

Faculty of Pedagogy

Gaspadarchaya Str., 23, Grodno

+375 (152) 44 69 08

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