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ISIC (TM) – International Student Indentity Card is an international student ID card introduced by UNESCO in conjunction with the ISTC (International Student Travel Confederation) in 1986. ISIC (TM) is a plastic discount card of standard size, containing a photo of the holder and a set of anti-fraud tools.

The main purpose of the ISIC certificate (TM) is to "serve the interests of students and student associations and ensure a worldwide "student status".

Currently, ISIC (TM) is distributed in 106 countries around the world and provides more than 42 thousand discounts and benefits to holders of this card. Every 9 seconds, there is one more ISIC (TM) in the world, and in total there are about 40 million ISIC (TM) holders in the world.

Discounts and benefits of about 10 to 50 per cent on:

  • access to the international preferential telecommunications system ISIConnect (international calls);
  • access to the free 24-hour HelpLine;
  • air and railway tickets, ferry services;
  • intercity buses;
  • accommodation in motels and campsites;
  • visiting museums, exhibitions, cultural and historical centers; 
  • visiting restaurants, cafes, night clubs, discos; 
  • attending sports events; 
  • sports equipment rental.

Who can issue an ISIC?

  • students from 12 y.o.;
  • students of technical schools and colleges;
  • students of day and evening departments;
  • full-time students;
  • full-time postgraduate students / interns;
  • youth under 30 y.o.

To get ISIC (TM) you need:

Student (ISIC):
Youth (IYTC):
Teacher (ITIC):
  • one colour photo 3x4 cm
  • student ID or gradebook
  • passport
  • one colour photo 3x4 cm
  • passport or birth certificate
  • one colour photo 3x4 cm
  • certificate of employment
  • passport

Contact information:

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+ 375 (152) 77 37 85; + 375 (152) 77 37 86; + 375 (29) 869 06 02  


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