"Basic functionality of the solution "1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2 for Belarus"" educational courses

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The purpose of the educational course on "Basic functionality of the solution" 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2 for Belarus "" is to master an integrated data management system using the innovative solution "1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2" based on the platform "1C: Enterprise 8". In this educational course, the basic functionalities of a software solution are mastered: procurement and implementation management at an enterprise, organization and management of production, preparation of route sheets, the ability to personalise documents and reports in various sections, and make selections according to specified parameters.

By the end of the educational course, the student will:


functionality and user settings of the integrated software solution "1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2"

be able to:

  • enter the necessary data and draw up source documents, set up reports
  • conduct a continuous audit and final evaluation of the enterprise performance, key performance determinants

Term of service: from November 2019

Number of hours: 6 hours

Minimum number of people in a group: 10

Age: youth, adults

Location: Gaspadarchaya Str., 23, office 201, 204

Fee: 12.00 BYN/participant for citizens of the Republic of Belarus

        $ 6 (US $) /participant for foreign citizens

Contact Information:

Faculty of Economics and Management

Department of Finance and Accounting

Grodno, Gaspadarchaya Str., 23, office 413

+375 (152) 62 04 53

e-mail: kaf_meo@grsu.by

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