Development of building automation systems

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The “Smart Home” technology includes the development of modern technical solutions and the subsequent integration into a single information and control system of individual subsystems and components of residential and industrial premises, buildings for effective and remote management of their owners and lessees.

Creation of modern technical solutions for building automation systems in order to meet the needs of potential users - owners and lessees and main contractors.

We offer an integration into a single information and control system of individual subsystems and components of a building and their cooperation based on united media

Specific character of the objects of automation:

  • increased demands for comfort and safety. 
  • there are frequent and significant changes inside the building
  • implementation of the Open Space principle
  • The profit of the owners is directly connected with the quality of service inside the building.
  • availability of a unified operation service for the entire area of ​​a building or several buildings.

“Intellectual building” technologies mean the capacity:

  • to perceive, control and record all processes;
  • to process information efficiently and respond optimally to the developments;
  • to manage all the systems and services of the facility quickly, centrally and with minimal human involvement
  • to ensure the comfort and safety of people’s stay
  • to protect resources and values
  • to optimize the allocation of resources
  • to contribute to the sustainability of business

The advantages of using the technologies of "Intellectual building":

  • spending cuts in the operation of the facility,
  • improving of operational efficiency and quality of service,
  • reduction of the costs of maintaining the life support services of an enterprise, minimization of losses associated with extraordinary or critical situations,
  • improving of the efficiency and reliability of the building and its systems,
  • increase of comfort and comprehensive security, including fire and environmental safety,
  • optimization and control of the costs of maintenance of the building and of engineering systems in working condition, reducing the accident rate of equipment,
  • accounting and saving of all types of resources, 
  • access to information on building systems at any time,
  • rapid system restructuring and adaptation to environmental changes and,
  • “openness” of the system for integration with key business process management systems, etc.

"Intellectual building" technology includes the following subsystems:

  • automated dispatching and building management system. 
  • local area network.
  • automated control system for equipment maintenance and repair.
  • automated microclimate control system. 
  • automated systems for metering water, heat and electricity consumption.
  • automated information and technical security system.
  • automated system of internal audio and video conference.
  • automated system of storage, processing and transmission of information.

We provide a wide range of work and services for the development and implementation of an integrated system of building management:

  • project management,
  • audit / pre-project survey,
  • designing, 
  • delivery, mounting, installation of equipment and software,
  • system testing,
  • system commissioning,
  • technical support, 
  • service and modernization,
  • training and counseling.

Contact information:
Physico-technical faculty
Department of information systems and technologies
Grodno, BLK, 5
+375 (29) 14 92 877 - Beytuk Yuriy

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