Courses of German (for beginners and confident learners)

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The purpose of the German language courses is to master the German language in order to communicate in different fields of professional and social life, to get acquainted with other cultures and to form value system through a dialogue of cultures.

The task of the courses is to develop communicative competence skills. They  allow create grammatically and phonetically correct meaningful statements with the help of formal means, to understand and transmit information in coherent, logical and reasoned statements, to plan your speech and non-speech behavior according to communication tasks, and to overcome a possible knowledge gap with the help of general cultural and language skills, as well as ideas about “world-image” of a native speaker.

By the end of the course, the student will:


  • standards of pronunciation of the language
  • grammar system, morphology and syntax of the foreign language
  • common and literary vocabulary of the studied language
  • methods of intercultural communication in the studied foreign language

will be able to:

  • express thoughts on a wide range of everyday, social, cultural and scientific-pedagogical topics. To do it correctly and competently  in dialogical and monological forms 
  • comprehend spoken  dialogic and monologic language (the same topics)
  • express verbally your thoughts using the necessary stylistic and emotional-modal means of the language
  • express  thoughts competently and logically in writing: write reproductive and creative works, short articles on relevant literary and social topics

The educational courses are designed for beginners and those who want to revise language material or improve knowledge they gained earlier. We recommend you Intermediate and Advanced levels if you want to  systematize and broaden your professional vocabulary and communicative grammar to form foreign language competence.

Fee: 300 BYN.

Duration of study: 8 months

Terms: 2019-2020 year, from 02.10.2019 to 05.31.2020

Number of hours: 150 hours

Address: Ozheshko  Str., 22, office 337

2 hour class takes place twice a week in the evening.  Number of people in a  group is   up to 6 people.

Who provides the service: E. Brynina, a Senior Lecturer, the Department of Romance-Germanic Philology, with experience in German internships.

Contact Information:

Faculty of Philology

Department of Romance-Germanic Philology

Ozheshko Str., 22, office 313, Grodno

+375 (152) 39 53 16

+375 (152) 74 07 26

Brynina E.S.

+375 (33) 362 98 51

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