"Existential counseling" courses (basic courses)

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Target audience: people with psychological and pedagogical education

Dates, periods and frequency of service: the programme includes 10 three-day seminars (3 modules), that take place once per 2 months (24 hours over a year).

Location: the faculty of psychology of YKSUG,  BLK Str.,21.

Which specialists will provide the service: Rakitskaya A.V., PhD in psychology, certified existential-phenomenological analyst.

Main hallmarks of the service and its  competitive advantage. The purpose of the programme is:

For people with psychological and pedagogical education - obtaining skills of existential counselling, introduction to methodological foundations of existential psychology, mastering main forms of working with clients within a framework of existential analysis.

For wide audience - introduction to existential psychology, with the help of acquired skills and self-inquiry, finding satisfying life-direction, improvement in the quality of life.

This programme involves acquaintance with methods of working with crisis conditions, mastering the analysis of dreams, acquiring the skills of personal, professional, family logo analysis, mastering the skills of using art therapy methods to analyze the person’s inner world and their life situation. Participants of the courses get the opportunity to realize their own abilities, to identify factors that block freedom that leads to living life to the full. The programme explores the phenomenology of choice in human life, responsibility, the finality of existence, loneliness, the meaning of a life situation, various emotional manifestations (joy, anger, fear, anxiety, resentment, guilt, shame, etc.), aggression in interpersonal relationships, professional self-determination and promotion, phenomenology of family relations, etc.

Cost: 2400 BYN

At the end of the course, a state certificate of YKSYG courses completion is issued.

Contact Information:

Faculty of Psychology

Gaspadarchaya Str., 23, Grodno

+375 (152) 44 69 08

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