"School of young psychologist" courses

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At The School of Young Psychologist children get an idea of the history of psychology, its current state, and what is being studied at the faculty of psychology. Classes can help to know yourself better and make new friends for years. During the training, guys acquire the necessary knowledge and practical skills in various psychological areas (for example, the psychology of attention, memory, communication).

Target audience: Schoolchildren of 8th-11th forms

The course consists of 12 classes. Each class lasts 2 hours. Recruitment of the Group is twice a year.

The leader of the school: PhD in psychology, associate professor of the department of Experimental and Applied Psychology.

 Lecturer: a practicing Psychologist, Existential Therapist, Clinical Psychologist

Contact Information:

Faculty of Psychology

Gaspadarchaya Str., 23, Grodno

+375 (152) 44 69 09

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