Voluntary medical expenses insurance

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Voluntary medical expenses insurance is a guarantee of quality, highly qualified and timely medical care.

With Belgosstrakh policy you are guaranteed: highly qualified medical care, coordination of actions in case of need to seek medical care, independence from inflation and rising prices for medical services, no restrictions on the number of requests for medical care, etc.

The Insured Person is provided with therapeutic, consultative, diagnostic and preventive medical assistance in connection with the Insured Person's application in the event of acute or chronic illness, injury, poisoning and other accidents.

In order to receive medical services, it is sufficient to call the Belgosstrakh Dispatching Service and explain one's concern about the state of health. A competent doctor, after listening to the customer, will prompt which doctor to contact, order a visit and provide further examination and treatment.

The policy of voluntary insurance of medical expenses is always on guard of your health!

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22 Ozheshko Street, Grodno.

+ 375 (152) 77 37 85; + 375 (152) 77 37 86; + 375 (29) 869 06 02  

email: regunivertur@mail.ru

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