Accident and illness insurance for the duration of your trip abroad

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Remember to take out health insurance when you go on a trip. Health insurance is inexpensive, and the sum insured is enough to cover all necessary medical expenses in case of an insured event.

With Belgosstrakh insurance policy:

  • You are guaranteed emergency medical care in any country of the world 7 days a week, 24 hours a day in case of sudden illness or accident with the assistance of international service companies (assistants) and medical Centres; 
  • There is no need to carry large sums of money for unforeseen medical expenses.

Belgosstrakh will reimburse:

  • the costs of emergency medical care for a sudden illness or accident; 
  • medical evacuation and repatriation expenses; 
  • expenses for medical and transport services; 
  • expenses for legal assistance (up to a maximum of 5% of the sum insured); 
  • expenses for the return of the children and incapacitated adult family members of the Insured who, as a result of an insured event, have been left without supervision and are unable to stay in the Insured's country of residence independently; 
  • expenses for calls to a service company or to Belgosstrakh.

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    Regional Tourism Centre

    22 Ozheshko Street, Grodno.

    + 375 (152) 77 37 85; + 375 (152) 77 37 86; + 375 (29) 869 06 02  


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