Consultation "Prepare for CT with FDP"

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Goal and tasks:

  • Mastering the system of knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for participation in centralized testing
  • Repetition, generalization and systematization of theoretical knowledge by sections (topics) of the school course

Service term: upon receipt of applications from March 10 to May 25, 2021

Number of hours:

  • 1 lesson - 2 academic hours
  • 4 lessons - 8 academic hours
  • 5 lessons - 10 academic hours

Minimum number of people in the group: 6

Planned number of groups: 4

Contingent (age): children, youth, adults

Location: st. Ozheshko, 22, room 218a


  • 1 lesson - 10 rubles.
  • 4 lessons - 35 rubles.
  • 5 lessons - 40 rubles.

The service is provided by:

Korlyukova Irina Aleksandrovna, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of STDO

Roshchik Anna Pavlovna, senior lecturer of the department of STDO

Kharazyan Oksana Gagikovna, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Theory of Physics and Heat Engineering

Chimba Natalia Mikhailovna, leading specialist of RCTiPOM

Legeza Natalia Georgievna, leading specialist of RCTiPOM

Krantsevich Natalia Mikhailovna, leading specialist of RCTiPOM

Shinkevich Irina Petrovna, Deputy Head of RCTiPOM

Contact details:

Faculty of pre-university training

Grodno, per. Telegraph, 15a

+375 (152) 67 01 01

+375 (33) 35 44 500


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