Distance educational training " First steps to network projects"

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The technology of project-based learning is one of the most popular pedagogical technologies based on the activation and intensification of students ' activities in the context of integrated learning. The concept of network design of educational projects meets the requirements of modern education and its development prospects, and is aimed at integrating various technologies: personality-oriented, game-based, collaborative pedagogy, active assessment technology, etc.

In modern conditions, the importance of project competencies increases, which allows to create a network project and implement it. The need to organize research and project activities is also highlighted in educational documents. However, the process of creating a network project requires certain time resources, understanding the features of the project technology, and in the conditions of professional employment of the teacher is difficult. The experience of creating network projects testifies to the success of such work under the guidance of experienced mentors (tutors) in a team of like-minded people.

For a number of years, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno has been conducting the international distance education marathon "Kupalovskiye projects" (KP), which is aimed at training teachers in the technology of creating educational and extracurricular network projects. Participation of teachers in preliminary trainings contributes to the timely development of a network project.

The purpose of the training is to form primary skills for creating educational networking projects (NP), prepare training participants to create their own projects in the framework of the international distance educational marathon "Kupalovskiye projects".

Training objectives:

  • to introduce to participants the networking projects and their structural components
  • to organize work to determine the topic of the future joint venture taking into account the requirements of educational standards and the content of exemplary educational programs
  • assist in creating ideas and fundamental issues for the future of the joint venture
  • to ensure that participants are familiar with various forms of project products
  • to familiarize with the features and requirements for the organization of the task system for finding answers to questions that guide the project
  • to provide assistance in creating a website (blog).
  • to introduce Web 2.0 services for information visualization
  • to develop research and communication skills: scientific research, creating innovations, implementing them, reflecting on the results

The results of the training:

By the end of the training, participants will know:

  • the meaning of the questions that guide the NP
  • the difference between the name of the NP and the training topic
  • the essence of the network nature of the project
  • purpose and content of the project product
  • relationship of questions that guide the project, project tasks, and project products

By the end of the training, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • create a "framework" (website or blog) for the future NP
  • choose a route to work (KP-2020)

Dates: from 16.11.2020 to 27.12.2020

Number of hours: 24 hours

Age: adults

Cost: 16,50 BYN or 500 RUB

Registration by link until November 15

Contact information:

Faculty of mathematics and informatics

Department of modern programming technologies

22 Ozheshko str., Grodno, 230023

+375 (152) 39 58 95

Makarova Nina Petrovna

+375 (29) 780 05 29



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