Remote educational training "Development of a network project environment on the platform"

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As world experience shows, one of the ways to implement new educational standards is blended learning – when an online environment gives students the opportunity to control the pace, time, educational route and place of study, helps to develop planning and control skills. In the transition from the traditional model to the model of blended learning, the teacher must provide for the inclusion of collective project activities in the educational process as a necessary condition for the formation of students' group research skills, which involves the development of an appropriate digital educational environment.

The success of the organization and implementation of project activities directly depends on the formation of the project competence of the teacher. The international distance educational marathon "Kupala Projects" (KP) is aimed at training teachers in the technology of creating network projects. Thanks to the long-term support of Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, the marathon has not only created pedagogical conditions for the development of teachers' project competence, but it also favours the development of such integrated learning technologies as: personality-oriented technologies, gaming, pedagogy of cooperation, technology of formative evaluation, etc. The participation of teachers in preliminary trainings contributes to the timely and high-quality development of a network project at the marathon.

The purpose of the training is the formation of primary skills in designing the digital educational environment of network projects (NP) using the capabilities of a modern website designer, training participants to create websites of network projects on the platform within the framework of the international distance educational marathon "Kupala projects".

The objectives of the training:

  • To familiarize participants with the design features of the digital educational environment
  • Familiarize with Wix capabilities for organizing effective networking
  • Organize work to determine the optimal site structure for future network projects
  • Provide assistance in creating a website using the Wix constructor, taking into account the tasks of future network projects
  • Develop research and communication competencies: implementation of scientific research, creation of innovations, their implementation, reflection of results

By the end of the training, participants 

will know:

  • Challenges and opportunities of the modern information and educational environment
  • Technological solutions for the organization of network interaction of project participants on the platform
  • Wix multimedia technologies for network projects website
  • Ways to present project products on the network projects website
  • Wix platform capabilities for organizing formative evaluation of network project participants
  • The possibility of expanding the functionality of the site through third-party applications

will be able to:

  • Develop the structure of the site of the future of network projects on the platform

Term of service: December 13, 2021 –  January 13, 2022

Registration by link until December 12

Number of hours: 20

Minimum number of people in a group: 10

Contingent (age): adults

Cost: 18.70 BYN or 550 RUB

The service is provided by:

Victoria Yurievna Solomatina, Computer science teacher at Dakley Academy, Budva, Montenegro

Makarova Nina Petrovna, associate professor

Contact details:

Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Department of Modern Programming Technologies

Grodno, 22 Ozheshko St.

+375 (152) 39 58 95

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