An excursion to the historical and cultural complex “The Stalin Line” will take you back to the Great Patriotic War and immerse you in the atmosphere of the fighting that took place here in the first days of the war in the summer of 1941.

The historical basis of the museum is made up of pillboxes of the Minsk fortified district. The museum has been reconstructed and the company sector has been equipped. Military engineers restored two machine-gun pillboxes, an artillery half-caponier, and a command-and-observation post. Every tourist will have the opportunity to visit the inside of the pillbox, where the interior of the pre-war period is recreated with a high degree of authenticity, to feel the cold steel of weapons in their hands, to feel like a defender of the Fatherland. The engineering equipment of the area was recreated according to pre-war plans. The exhibition includes all types of entrenchments, trenches and anti-tank ditches of various profiles, positions for rifle squads, dugouts for hiding personnel, trenches for guns, metal and wire barriers.

In the historical and cultural complex you will see the most complete exposition of all military equipment, artillery, tanks, aviation, small arms in Belarus that were in service in various years since the war, as well as a unique exposition of Russian, Polish and German armored columns that have been preserved since the first world war. All the exhibits are real and you can touch them with your hands. Many of them still have dents from shells, bullets and shrapnel, the grease of those years. Guides work in the form of soldiers and commanders of the Red Army.

An artificial lake has been created on the territory of the complex. Here you can take a boat ride.  There are also a pontoon crossing and a low-water engineering bridge that were built according to pre-war plans. 

In the cafe, you will be offered nourishing soldier's porridge. Children and teenagers can imagine themselves "Voroshilov shooters" in the pneumatic shooting gallery. Adults can test the weapons of the Great Patriotic War (the firing of demilitarized weapons: automatic PPSh, MP-40/41, the assault rifle MP-44, Mosin’s rifle, Mauser, Maxim gun) (at an additional cost).

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Regional tourism centre

Grodno, 22 Ozheshko str.

+ 375 (152) 77 37 85 

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