English language learning courses

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A unique method of comprehensive mastery of vocabulary and grammar.

Mastering a foreign language as a means of communication in various spheres of social and professional activity; level: primary/ basic.

At the end of studying, the student will know the peculiarities of the system of the foreign language in its phonetic, lexical and grammatical aspects; sociocultural norms of everyday and business communication, as well as the rules of speech etiquette, allowing to use a foreign language effectively as a means of communication; will be able to conduct oral communication in family, educational, labor and socio-cultural spheres.

Target audience: intended for students who are first studying English, as well as for all those who wish to learn it.

Service cost: 400 BYN.

Duration of training: 8 months (2 times per week).

Venue: Ozheshko Str., 22, third floor, classroom 334, 338. 

Time: 18:15.

Courses are conducted by: Karatkevich Jeanne Aleksandrovna, associate Professor; Semenko Yuliya Viktorovna, Master of Philology; Yunchits Ekaterina Mikhailovna, Master of Education.

Contact information:

Department of English Philology Philological faculty

Grodno, Ozheshko str., 22.

Karatkevich Zh. A.

+375 (152) 74 43 80


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