Consultations for secondary school students "To the Olympic peaks"

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The content of the program provides a deep understanding of language patterns, features of the literary process of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, historical, genetic and typological coverage of classicism, romanticism, realism, modernism, ideological and artistic analysis of literature of the XIX and XX centuries.

The content of the program meets the requirements of the educational standard and is correlated with the content of the curriculum (advanced level) for general secondary education institutions with Belarusian and Russian languages of instruction in Belarusian language and literature. The program is based on the relationship between the principles of democratization and humanization, continuity and accessibility of education, focuses on the understanding of spiritual and moral values

The purpose of the program is to help students to repeat, summarize, systematize knowledge about the language system (phonetics, spelling, vocabulary, word structure and word formation, morphology, syntax and punctuation); rules of functioning of language in speech; norms of the Belarusian literary language (pronunciation, spelling, word-formation, morphological, syntactic, punctuation), as well as features of the literary process in the XI - XX centuries and the creative heritage of outstanding Belarusian writers

Objectives of the educational program:

  • to deepen students' knowledge of articulatory and acoustic characteristics of sounds, orthoepy, principles of Belarusian orthography;
  • to improve students' knowledge of the typology of parts of speech, their semantic, morphological, syntactic and word-forming characteristics;
  • to consolidate knowledge about the types of syntactic connection in a phrase, a simple sentence and a complex sentence, the typology of semantic-syntactic relations between their components, the principles of classification of syntactic units;
  • to give knowledge about the composition of the genre-species system of Belarusian literature;
  • describe the features of the literary process in the XI - XX centuries .;
  • systematize knowledge of literary trends and artistic methods;
  • to assess the creative heritage of outstanding Belarusian writers.

The level of mastering the educational program is in-depth.

There are practical classes on the main issues of the program (20 hours). However, the duration of training can be determined by the students.

Contact details:

Faculty of Philology

Department of Belarusian Philology

Grodno, Lenina St. 32, office 24

+ 375 (29) 78 22 379

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