Copywriting services at a professional level, both in Russian and in Belarusian. As part of the service, a content audit is conducted, the quality of the texts on the client’s resource is assessed, recommendations are made on the processing of materials on the site, new articles are written for clients — advertising texts, slogans, scripts for advertising texts and videos are prepared to sell goods and / or customer services.

Copywriting is the creation of advertising and informational texts, as well as other types of text materials for advertising, sales, popularization of something, including a company, individual, goods, services, ideas.

Duration of service: at the request of consumers.

Number of training hours: 16 academic hours (4 weeks).

Number of study groups: 1 group.

The number of students in the study group: from 5 to 10 people.

Contingent (age): from 17 years and older.

Cost: 9.60 rub. for 1000 characters without spaces.

Contact information:

Educational-scientific-industrial association "Student Media Center"

Grodno, st. Ozheshko 22, office 324, 325

+375 (152) 73 19 88 - Nasedkina Nadezhda Igorevna

+375 (29) 7 838 222 - Bludova-Goi Kira Maryanovna

+375 (29) 881 21 75 - Pavlova Anastasia Andreevna

apx - @.

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