Educational courses "1C: Accounting 8.3"

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The goal is to master the skills of working in the "1C: Accounting 8.3 for Belarus" system. In this educational course, students master the basic functionality of a software solution, the technology of automated accounting.

As a result of the study, the student must:

Know: functionality and user settings of the integrated software solution "1C: Accounting 8.3"

Be able to:

  • Work in the program "1C: Accounting 8.3"
  • Enter the necessary data and draw up primary accounting documents, generate customize reports
  • Conduct an interim and final analysis of the enterprise.

Terms of provision: from April 2021

Number of hours: 10

Minimum number of people in a group: 10

Contingent (age): youth, adults

Location: st. Gaspadarchaya, 23, room 204

Cost: 25 BYN per 1 listener for citizens of the Republic of Belarus

10 $ for 1 listener for foreign citizens

The service is provided by:

Narushevich Galina Genrikhovna, Senior Lecturer, Department of Finance and Accounting, +375 (29) 979 24 96,

Contact details:

Faculty of Economics and Management

Department of Finance and Accounting

Grodno, st. Gaspadarchaya, 23

+375 (152) 62 04 53

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