Fine Arts Studio of the Faculty of Arts and Design (drawing)

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The purpose of the mock exam is to provide a snapshot of drawing knowledge for applicants from the Faculty of Arts and Design.

The task is to make a drawing of a still life from nature.

The performance includes 3 - 4 household items, simple in shape, but different in size and material against the background of a plain drapery with 1 - 2 large folds.

The setting can include plaster geometric bodies (ball, cube, cylinder, cone, prism)

Materials used: graphite pencil, white sheet of A-2 paper (597x420)

The student's examination work is evaluated on a 10-point scale, taking into account the following indicators:

  1. Composing the image in the specified format.
  2. The proportional relationship of the elements of the still life.
  3. Transfer of the construction of image objects, taking into account linear perspective.
  4. Black and white modeling of still life objects (glare, light, partial shade, own shadow, reflex, falling shadow)
  5. Transfer of tonal relationships, illumination and space.
  6. Expressiveness and integrity of the picture.

Duration of training: 1 day

Number of hours: 10 hours

Minimum number of people in a group: 5

Contingent (age): children and youth

Location: st. Dzerzhinsky, 28, room nine

Price: 50 BYN

The service is provided by:

Kolyago A.V., senior lecturer

Contact details:

Faculty of Arts and Design

Department of Fine Arts

Grodno, st. Dzerzhinsky, 28

+375 (152) 62 33 07

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