Educational courses "Business processes in Bitrix24"

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The course is a professionally-oriented e-learning resource with an emphasis on practical experience. It is designed  to help students to develop specialized skills in the construction of business processes in Bitrix24 CRM service.

After this course participants will be able to install and customize business processes of different types in CRM Bistrik24 system.

By the end of the course "Bitrix24 CRM Service Administrator", students will be able to solve the following problems:

  • to analyze the structural system of the enterprise to create business processes;
  • to make settings  and to work with business processes in the system;
  • to create business processes of various types in the Bitrix24 system;
  • to conduct analysis in the system;
  • to create business process templates in the system;
  • to build business processes in Bitrix24 CRM entities;
  • to build business processes for task management.

Number of hours: 20.

Minimum number of people in a group: 10.

Fee: 250 BYN.

At the end of the course, a standard certificate is issued.


Contact Information:

Faculty of Economics and Management

Gaspadarchaya Str., 23, office 201, 204, 211, Grodno

+375 (33) 624-79-34

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