Family counseling

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Family counseling is psychological help to a married couple or family in realizing the family problem, its main causes and finding ways to overcome it.

Duration of a counseling: 1h 20 min

As a result, you get the opportunity:

  • to improve intra-family communications at all levels of interaction between the marital, parent and child subsystems;
  • to work with normative and non-normative family crises: the transformation of family roles, the crisis of divorce and separation, infidelity, serious illness, the relationship of children and parents after divorce;
  • adaptation and stabilization of the family system and family relations during the period of experiencing the loss or birth of a child with special physical and mental development.

Contact Information:

Health Centre

BLK Str.,3, Grodno (dormitory №3)

+375 (152) 68 07 62

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