Educational courses in biology at the School of Exact Sciences

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The aim is to create conditions for the harmonious development of the student's personality and the study of the natural environment in its various manifestations, as well as to provide conditions for the created professional orientation of the students. In addition, to form universal learning activities of students in the system of additional education for children in the process of mastering modern knowledge about living organisms, determining their importance in nature and for humans.


  • To expand the knowledge about the diversity of living organisms, general patterns of formation and functioning of ecosystems in the past and present, the nature of anthropogenic impact on the environment and methods of their assessment, in general, the outlook in the field of biological disciplines
  • To teach to work independently with scientific literature and internet sources
  • To teach how to work with biological scientific equipment in laboratories
  • To develop cognitive activity and logical thinking of the students
  • To inspire a love of biology and create conditions for an informed professional orientation
  • To educate students to care for the environment, understand their own responsibility and the possibility of making a personal contribution to the protection of the environment

Service duration: from 2021

Course duration: 25 weeks

Number of hours: 50 hours (services), 50 hours (guidance work)

Minimum number of persons per group: 10

Contingent (age): children and youth

Location: 3/1 Dovatora Lane, room 125, 131, 135, 137, 138, 140, 141, 142

Cost: 200 BYN 

The service is provided by:

Olga Viktorovna Yanchurevich, Head of the Department

Alexandra Rizhaya, Associate Professor

Sergey Emelyanchik, Associate Professor 

Oleg Sozinov, Head of the Department

Ludmila Kovalevskaya, Senior Lecturer

Pribylovskaya Natalia, Senior Lecturer

Svetlana Chiruk, Senior Lecturer

Natalya Bashun, Head of the Department

Olga Kremleva, Associate Professor

Tarasyuk Nadezhda Aleksandrovna, Specialist


Faculty of Biology and Ecology

Grodno, 3/1 Dovatora Lane

Department of Zoology and Human and Animal Physiology

+375 (152) 39 86 17

Department of Botany

+375 (152) 39 86 23

+375 (152) 39 86 26

Chair of Food Technology, Physiology and Hygiene

+375 (152) 55 05 20

Ecology Department

+375 (152) 39 86 16

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