Educational courses in chemistry at the School of Exact Sciences

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This educational programme is aimed at secondary school students in years 7, 8, 9 and 10 who are interested in chemistry.

The aim of the course is to satisfy the educational needs and cognitive interests of students, to broaden and deepen their knowledge of chemistry, to form a scientific worldview and professional self-determination of students, and for students to gain experience of creative activities in solving problems and conducting chemical experiments.


  • To broaden and deepen students' understanding of the approaches to quantitative description of chemical equilibria, chemical reactions over time, the basics of the theory of electrochemical processes, and the characteristics of organic reactions
  • To familiarise students with the best methods for solving the main types of physical chemistry problems and to develop sustainable skills in solving them
  • To shape, on the basis of the knowledge and activities acquired, a scientific outlook and students' professional self-determination

Service duration: from 2021

Number of hours: 50 hours (services), 50 hours (guidance work)

Course duration: 25 weeks

Minimum number of persons per group: 10

Contingent (age): children and youth

Location: 3/1 Dovatora Lane, room 125, 126, 127

Cost: 200 BYN

The service is provided by:

Elena Tretiakova, Associate Professor

Slyshenkov Vyacheslav, Associate Professor

Galina Bourd, Senior Lecturer

Vasily Bourd, Professor

Olga Tretiakova, Associate Professor

Elena Zubko, Senior Lecturer

Maria Trusova, Lecturer

Elena Hilyuta, Senior Lecturer

Gladkaya Olga Konstantinovna, Specialist


Faculty of Biology and Ecology

Grodno, 3/1 Dovatora Lane

Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology

+375 (152) 39 86 10

+375 (152) 39 86 36

Department Biochemistry

+375 (152) 55 06 71

Department of Food Technology, Physiology and Hygiene

+375 (152) 55 05 20

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