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The educational program is aimed at shaping a child's holistic view of the world around him without dividing into scientific disciplines, to teach him to see the connection between Man and Nature.


  • To comprehensively develop the personality of the student by mastering the skills of elementary experimentation:
  • Develop logical thinking;
  • To motivate to study the sciences of the natural science cycle: ecology, local history, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy;
  • To acquaint children with the ways of interaction when working on laboratory experience and on researching joint projects in large (5 - 6 people) and small (2 - 3 people) groups;
  • To develop children's interest in an ecological lifestyle and teach them basic knowledge of natural science disciplines, the construction of algorithms for the study of natural objects.



  • Develop creative and logical thinking when solving problematic problems;
  • Develop the ability to express thoughts in a clear logical sequence, analyze the situation and independently find answers to questions through logical reasoning of vocabulary and communication skills when explaining the operation of the model;
  • Learn the basics of environmental science by expanding natural science knowledge;
  • Teach the safe use of laboratory equipment that allows you to study environmental objects;
  • Teach to analyze the results of experiments and look for new ways to minimize the consequences of human activities on small and large ecosystems;
  • Develop persistence with successful and unsuccessful research results;
  • To teach how to conduct observations of objects in different conditions;
  • Teach to use diagrams, tables, notes to display research results;
  • To teach how to find a safe alternative for nature in goods, means of transportation, saving natural resources, etc.;
  • Develop a broad outlook and increase the motivation for learning, self-education among younger students;
  • Teach self-study writing and reproduction;
  • To acquaint students with the properties of basic safe chemical reagents, the basic laws of physics, biology, ecology;
  • Teach students to solve a number of problems, the result of each of which will be in accordance with the principles of responsible consumption and production, recycling and minimizing the consequences of their activities on the nature of large and small ecosystems.


  • To develop students' ecological consciousness and scientific thinking;
  • To develop fine motor skills, attentiveness, accuracy and art in research;
  • Develop project thinking skills.


  • To form moral and moral personal qualities in relation to the people around and the nature of the native land;
  • Promote student motivation to invent and seek environmentally friendly alternatives;
  • To form in students the desire to obtain a high-quality result.

A shortened course program is provided.

Terms of service provision: November to May

Frequency: 18 weeks, once a week for 2 academic hours

The course is designed for 36 hours

Terms of service provision: from September to May

Frequency: 25 weeks, once a week for 2 academic hours

Number of hours: 50 hours

Minimum number of people in the group: 12

Contingent (age): students in grades 2 - 4

Location: st. Ozheshko, 22

Cost: 192 rubles. (for а shortened course - 144 rubles)

Contact information:

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics

Grodno, st. Ozheshko, 22

+375 (29) 286 94 34 - Tatiana Gennadievna

+375 (33) 620 17 64 - Daria Ivanovna

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