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    * 220 руб. (для лиц, которые обучались в 2021 / 2022 учебном году на курсах учебного центра "Школа точных наук")

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The education programme is aimed to attract students to the modern  design technologies, programming and  employing robotic devices, gaining knowledge in the field of robotechnics, computer programmes. Students make lego-models and manage them through computer programmes, connecting the construction to the commutator.


Comprehensively develop the personality of the student by mastering the skills of elementary technical design:

  • to develop logical thinking
  • to motivate to study the sciences of the natural - scientific cycle: the world, local history, physics, computer science, mathematics
  • to acquaint children with the ways of interaction when working on a joint project in large (5-6 people) and small (2-3 people) groups
  • to develop children's interest in technical creativity and teach them how to design through the creation of simple models and the management of finished models using the simplest computer programs.



  • to develop creative thinking when creating existing models
  • to develop the ability to express thoughts in a clear logical sequence, analyze the situation and independently find answers to questions by logical reasoning of the vocabulary and communication skills when explaining the operation of the model
  • to learn the basics of object-oriented programming by compiling simple and complex algorithmic programs
  • to teach to use and programme sensors that allow you to do environmental studies and complete tasks
  • to teach to analyze the results and search for new solutions by designing and developing your own standard and non-standard programs
  • to develop perseverance in  collective ideas realization
  • to teach to build three-dimensional models according to two -dimensional line drawings 
  • to develop logical thinking and programming of given model behavior
  • to teach how to write and play out a scenario using assembly instructions and a model for clarity
  • to acquaint students with the basic technologies used to create robots
  • to teach students to solve a number of problems, working out a functioning mechanism


  • to develop students' engineering and creative thinking, spatial imagination, skills in design, programming and effective use of cybernetic systems
  • to develop fine motor skills, attention, accuracy and ingenuity when assembling models


  • to increase students' motivation for inventing and creating their own interesting and involving robotic systems,
  • to build teamwork
  • to build skills of design thinking

1 а shortened programmes.

Timing: from November to May

Frequency: 18 weeks (1 time per week for 2 academic hours)

Number of hours: 36 hours

2 а shortened programmes.

Timing: from January to May

Frequency: 12 weeks (1 time per week for 2 academic hours)

Number of hours: 24 hours

Frequency: 25 weeks (1 time per week for 2 academic hours)

Number of hours: 50 academic hours

Timing: from September to May

Minimum number of people in a group: 12

Age: students in 1st-4th forms

Location: Ozheshko Str, 22

Fee: 240 BYN, 220 BYN (for those who studied in the 2021/2022 academic year at the courses of the training center "School of Exact Sciences")

(for 1 shortened  programmes - 150 BYN)

(for 2 shortened  programmes - 100 BYN)

The service is provided by:

Kovalevskaya Yulia Mikhailovna, Master of Pedagogical Sciences.

Contact Information:

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics 

School of Exact Sciences

Grodno, st. Ozheshko, 22

+375 (152) 72 36 80


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