The course "Fun Maths (3rd-4th grade)"

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The programme is based on the key pedagogical principles of accessibility, clarity, problem-solving and personal and individual guidance. The variability, multilevelness and content of the tasks ensure that knowledge is acquired in a sustainable manner, while playful elements support interest and motivation.


  • Developing a cognitive interest in mathematics
  • Development of general intellectual abilities independent of the subject "mathematics": attention, imagination, version thinking, increasing of memory, development of thinking operations, such as - analogy and search for regularities
  • Development of specific mathematical skills - developing logical thinking, reasoning ability, generalisation, comparison, identification and establishment of patterns, relations and relationships
  • Expanding their horizons
  • Development of pupils' creative abilities
  • Development of independent work skills


  • Encourage pupils' interest in mathematics
  • Deepen and broaden learners' knowledge of mathematics
  • Develop mathematical competence, thinking and research skills of pupils
  • Develop their understanding of mathematics as part of human culture
  • Foster diligence, patience, perseverance, initiative

Shortened course programme 1 is provided.

Duration: January to May

Frequency: 12 weeks, 1.5 academic hours per week

Course duration: 18 hours

Shortened course programme 2 is provided.

Duration: November to May

Frequency: 18 weeks, 1.5 academic hours per week

Course duration: 27 hours

Duration of service: September to May

Duration: 25 weeks (1.5 academic hours per week)

Number of hours: 37.5 hours

Minimum number of students per group: 12

Contingent (age): 3-4 grade pupils

Location: 22, Ozheshko St.

Cost: 240 BYN (220 BYN - for those who have studied in the academic year 2021/2022 in the training centre "School of exact sciences")

100 BYN – shortened programme 1, 150 BYN – shortened programme 2

The service is provided by:

Julia Kovalevskaya, Master of Pedagogical Sciences


Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science / School of Exact Sciences

Grodno, 22, Ozheshko St.

+375 (152) 72 36 80


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