The course "Fun Maths (3rd-4th grade)" and EduKids

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The programme is based on the key pedagogical principles of accessibility, clarity, problem-solving and personal and individual guidance. The variability, multilevelness and content of the tasks ensure that knowledge is acquired in a sustainable manner, while playful elements support interest and motivation. The educational programme also aims to engage students in modern technology in design, programming and use of robotic devices, gaining basic knowledge of robotics and computer programmes. Using the construction kit, students build Lego models and control them through computer programmes by connecting the construction to a switchboard.


  • Developing a cognitive interest in mathematics
  • Development of general intellectual abilities independent of the subject "mathematics": attention, imagination, version thinking, increasing of memory, development of thinking operations, such as - analogy and search for regularities
  • Development of specific mathematical skills - developing logical thinking, reasoning ability, generalisation, comparison, identification and establishment of patterns, relations and relationships
  • Expanding their horizons
  • Development of pupils' creative abilities
  • Development of independent work skills


  • Encourage pupils' interest in mathematics
  • Deepen and broaden learners' knowledge of mathematics
  • Develop mathematical competence, thinking and research skills of pupils
  • Develop their understanding of mathematics as part of human culture
  • Foster diligence, patience, perseverance, initiative

Shortened course programme 1 is provided.

Duration: January to May

Frequency: 12 weeks, 3.5 academic hours per week

The course consists of 42 hours (including 18 academic hours of Fun Maths, 24 academic hours of Basic Algorithm, Wordless Programming and EduKids Robotics)

Shortened course programme 2 is provided.

Duration: November to May

Frequency: 18 weeks, 3.5 academic hours per week

The course consists of 63 hours (of which 27 academic hours are in Fun Maths, 36 academic hours in Basic Algorithm, Non-text based Programming and EduKids Robotics).

Duration of service: September to May

Duration: 25 weeks (3.5 academic hours per week)

Number of hours: 87.5 academic hours (of which 50 academic hours in Fun Maths, 37.5 academic hours in Basic Algorithm, Non-text based Programming and EduKids Robotics)

Minimum number of students per group: 12

Contingent (age): 3-4 grade pupils

Location: 22, Ozheshko St.

Cost: 460 BYN (424 BYN - for those who have studied in the academic year 2021/2022 in the training centre "School of exact sciences")

190 BYN – shortened programme 1, 285 BYN – shortened programme 2

The service is provided by:

Julia Kovalevskaya, Master of Pedagogical Sciences


Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science / School of Exact Sciences

Grodno, 22, Ozheshko St.

+375 (152) 72 36 80


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