Chemistry express education courses

  • From 120.00 руб. на участника за 1 модуль

The purpose of the courses is to satisfy the educational needs and cognitive interests of students, expand and deepen knowledge in chemistry, students gain practical experience in expanding tasks and conducting a chemical experiment:

  • To expand and deepen srudents’ ideas about approaches to the quantitative description of chemical equilibrium, the course of chemical reactions in time, the basics of the theory of electrochemical processes, the features of the course of organic reactions, and methods of chemical analysis;
  • To acquaint students with the best methods for solving the main types of computational problems in chemistry, to develop students’ sustainable abilities and skills to solve them.

Module 1 for students in grades 9, module 2 for students in grades 10 – 11

Duration of service: 2020 – 2022

Number of hours: 144 hours (48 hours of direct services (module 1 – 24 hours, module 2 – 24 hours) + 96 hours’ methodical work (module 1 – 48 hours, module 2 – 48 hours))

Minimum number of the people in a group: 10

Contingent (age): students in grades 9 – 11 of institutions of general secondary education

Location: per. Dovatora 3/1, office 125, 126, 127

Cost: 120 rub. Per participant for 1 module

Provide services:

Burd V.N., professor, department of chemistry and biotechnology;

Styshenkov V.S., assistant professor, department of chemistry and biotechnology;

Burd G.A., senior lecturer, department of biochemistry;

Tretyakova E.M., associate professor, department of chemistry and biotechnology;

Zubko E.V., senior lecturer, department of chemistry and biotechnology

Contact information:

Faculty of Biology and Ecology

Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology

+375 (152) 48 50 03

+375 (152) 48 73 15

+375 (152) 45 00 51

Grodno, per. Dovatora 3/1

Department of Biochemistry

+375 (152) 48 45 83

Grodno, BLK 50

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