Course "Standard" on the subjects of CT and intramural entrance tests

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STANDARD - long-term preparatory courses on subjects of centralized testing - systematic preparatory courses that make it possible to systematize theoretical material more thoroughly, deeply and efficiently, form stable practical skills and skills in applying theoretical knowledge while doing test tasks, and undergo psychological and pedagogical adaptation in the conditions of higher education in institutions of higher or secondary specialized education.

Courses are addressed to:

  • students in grades 10-11 of general secondary education institutions (secondary school, lyceum, gymnasium);
  • students of secondary specialized education institutions;
  • graduates of previous years with a general secondary education.

Form of study: evening

Courses are held: September-May

Duration of study: 124 academic hours / 1 subject

Study load: 4 academic hours per week in one subject

Number of students in the group: up to 12 people

Course is provided by highly qualified teachers of the faculty of Pre-University Education, who have extensive experience in the pre-university training system.

At the end of the courses, a certificate of the established model is issued.

Cost of education: 330.00 rub.

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In accordance to paragraph 27 of the Regulations on Admission to Higher Education for all forms of education, applicants who have completed preparatory courses have the pre-emptive right over those who have an equal number of points to enroll in Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno.

Contact details:

Faculty of Pre-University Education

Department of Modern Technologies of Pre-University Education

Grodno, per. Telegraph 15a, office 207

+ 375 (152) 39 58 71, +375 (29) 267 96 73

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