The purpose and objectives of the educational program are:

  • Mastering the system of knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for participation in competitions and conferences at various levels;
  • Repetition, generalization and systematization of theoretical knowledge in all sections of the school course;
  • Expanding and deepening the knowledge of the Customer through the study of additional topics that are not included in the school course;
  • Development of creative abilities and research skills.

Number of hours: 82 (42 academic hours, 42 teaching work)

Minimum number of people in a group: 1

Planned number of groups: 3

Contingent (age): children and youth, adults

Cost: 555.00 rub.

Courses are conducted by:

Korlyukova Irina Aleksandrovna, candidate of physical and mathematical sciences;

Butrim Elena Ivanovna, senior lecturer;

Silova Svetlana Vladimirovna, candidate of historical sciences;

Uleichik Natalia Leonidovna, candidate of historical sciences;

Roschik Anna Pavlovna, senior lecturer;

Arbuzov Alexander Sergeevich, Senior Lecturer;

Lytova Elena Evgenievna, senior lecturer;

Puzynya Lyudmila Vladimirovna, senior lecturer;

Kharazyan Oksana Gagikovna, Deputy Dean

Contact details:

Faculty of Pre-University Education

Department of Modern Technologies of Pre-University Education

Grodno, per. Telegraph 15a, office 207

 375 (152) 39 58 71

Dombrovskaya Tatyana Gennadyevna

 375 (29) 267 96 73

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