Electronic educational materials on the basics of sports

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Development of innovative and interactive means of exercise technique training and tactical schemes which are used in various sports for training and application in the work of coaches and sportsmen, teachers of physical education and secondary school students.

Characteristics of the development:

  • the contents of electronic educational materials agree with the current curriculum of the Republic of Belarus on the subject “Physical Culture and Health”;
  • the entire amount of educational material is presented in the form of videos, computer animation and illustrations;
  • the structure of videos contains explanations and prompts for students’ better understanding of peculiarities of the constructing process of motor actions;
  • the educational material is presented by the main exercise technique, a detailed description of the technique and by the exercises for learning and consolidation;
  • a teacher can independently form a set of educational material which is planned to be used during the lesson

Contact information:

Department of sports disciplines/ Faculty of physical education

Zakharova Str., 32, office 102

+375 (152) 75 08 18


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