Developing content for a social media account

  • From 50.00 руб.

The service involves the preparation and organization of video and photography (field or studio photography (from 3 to 10 photos, video filming (Backstage 10 - 15 seconds) using the UNPO Student Media Center technique; editing and processing of footage; writing text for an account in social media (800 - 1100 characters with spaces).

Service term: from May 10, 2021

Number of hours: 6

Venue: photo and video filming at the customer's sites, processing of the material received Ozheshko, 22, room. 325

Price: 50 BYN

The service is provided by:

Pavlova Anastasia Andreevna, Head of the UNPO "Student Media Center"

Khvesko Svetlana Gendrikovna, head of the laboratory

Karpinchik Anna Nikolaevna, laboratory assistant of the educational radio studio

Stepanova Diana Denisovna, laboratory assistant of the educational television studio

Salei Ksenia Mikhailovna, laboratory assistant of the educational radio studio

Pantsevich Nikita Vitalievna, laboratory assistant of educational television studio

Contact details:

UNPO "Student Media Center"

Grodno, st. Ozheshko, 22

+375 (152) 73 19 88

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