The service of creating a video involves choosing a topic, formulating an idea, creating and coordinating a scenario application with a customer; preparation and organization of the filming process, video filming using a video camera, microphones, tripods, lighting equipment; editing footage with the addition of musical and narration accompaniment, captions, transition effects; Burn to DVD

Duration of service: at the request of consumers.

Contingent (age): 14 years and older.

The cost of 36.00 per 1 minute of mounted video.

Contact information:

Educational-scientific-industrial association "Student Media Center"

Grodno, st. Ozheshko 22, office 324, 325

+375 (152) 73 19 88 - Nasedkina Nadezhda Igorevna

+375 (29) 881 21 75 - Pavlova Anastasia Andreevna

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Tags: editing, video, graphics, filming, journalism