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The Educational Innovative Center at  the Faculty of Pedagogy holds the Polish language courses.

We invite you to learn the basics of Polish. The main purpose of teaching the language is to provide the basic knowledge about the language, to introduce the system of modern Polish literary language (its phonetics and graphics, inflection and word formation, syntax and vocabulary), as well as to ensure language development.

The object of teaching the Polish language is to help:

  • to achieve a level of language proficiency that provides the possibility of language communication;
  • to master written and oral communication with native speakers of Polish at home country and abroad;
  • to acquire skills in choosing  language tools appropriate for a given situation;
  • to master the art of translation from Polish into Belarusian and Russian, from Belarusian and Russian into Polish;
  • to acquire theoretical knowledge about the grammatical and lexical systems of the Polish language, as well as the ability to put this knowledge into practice;
  • to acquire skills in using the Polish language to develop intellectual, behavioral and emotional sides of your personality
  • to form a general linguistic competence and sense of language;
  • to gain teamwork skills, to learn how to make decisions and follow social rules in order to prepare for participation in modern public life 

This language course is designed to foster respect for the principles of international cooperation. The duration of the course is 52 hours.

 You can submit an electronic application on the website of  the Educational Innovative Center

Cost: 4 BYN

Contact Information: 

Faculty of Pedagogy

Zakharova Str., 32, office 4, Grodno

+375 (152) 75 49 06


+ 375 (29) 889 68 43

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