Courses "Electrical Safety" for Obtaining the III Group of Electrical Safety Admission

  • From 40.00 руб.

The aim is to provide services on the basis of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics for individuals:

  1. Those willing to work in the field of electrical installation maintenance
  2. Those who wish to improve their qualifications on electrical safety issues

Number of hours: 14 academic hours, approximately from 18 to 21 hours

Minimum number of persons per group: 10

Content (age): adults

Location: 5 BLK, Room 408

Cost: 40 BYN

Service is provided by:

Sergey Vasiliev, associate professor

Igor Gubarevich, senior lecturer

Contact information:

Faculty of Physics and Technology

Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics

Grodno, 5 BLK Str.

+375 (152) 55 67 70

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