Controller of spectral complex DFS-52

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The complex is intended for replacement of the micro-computer spectrometer controller, complete with input / output cards. The complex is controlled using a computer running in MS WINDOWS OS and connected to the controller using the IEEE1284 interface.

The developed complex is single-channel, equipped with a 16-bit hardware counter. High counting rate eliminates the use of preliminary freduency dividers and thereby increase the registration accuracy.

The controller has outputs for controlling the stepper motor of the monochromator and the power source of the PMT, as well as it has the inputs of the monochromator state sensors. ALL entrances and exits can be equipped with galvanic isolation circuits.  

The controller is a stationary device in it's own case with dimensions of 200x140x40 mm3 and can be connected and operated by personnel without special training. A 15-wire cable eqipped with plugs attached to the appropriate connectors of the spectrometer electronic rack is used for connection.

The software has a user-friendly graphical interface which allows you to scan spectra according to their frequency and wavelength in the Stokes and anti-Stokes regions. Most of the limitations associated with the impossibility of an arbitrary choice of speed and scan step are eliminated. There is an automatic recording of spectra in several passes over a specified time interval, as well as scanning of spectra in their duration at a fixed frequency. There is a function of automatic shutdown of the power source of the PMT when the user-defined threshould speed exceeds the count rate. Frequency counter mode, which is useful for debugging work, is implemented. 

Automatic correction of the frequency spectra (taking into account the correction) can be carried out after the scanning of the reference Raman spectrum with certain frequencies of the bands or the laser line. Simulaneous operation with 8 spectra is possible, a user-friendly viewing mode with scalling and the export of spectra as a graphic file are implemented. The spectra are saved in the form of a regular data file, or MS ACCESS databases, which contain information about scanning parameters and operator comments. 

Production of the device is made within 3 weeks after the application. Installation of the controller in the customer's laboratory is possible.

Estimated cost: 4500 bel. rub. excluding the cost of upgrading the spectrometer.

Contact information:

Physico-technical faculty

Grodno, Vrublevskogo Str., 33

+375 (29) 78 04 739 

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