Time-correlated single-photon counting system with picosecond time resolution for a Confotec NR500 3D scanning laser Raman confocal spectrometer

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Purpose: measurement of luminescence kinetics with picosecond time resolution in the mode of time-correlated counting of single photons.

Key Features: Confotec NR500 3D scanning confocal 3D laser spectrometer (SOL Instruments, Belarus) is supplemented with special adapters that allow it to interface with pulsed laser radiation sources and a highly sensitive PMT. Pulsed semiconductor lasers (407, 467 and 635 nm) and light-emitting diodes (280, 300, 450 and 500 nm) PicoQuant (Germany) are used as laser radiation sources. The registration system includes PMA 182 PMTs (PicoQuant, Germany), as well as a TimeHarp 200 module (PicoQuant, Germany) installed in the PCI slot of a personal computer (PC).

Novelty and advantages in comparison with analogues.

The combination of a confocal spectrometer and a luminescence kinetics registration system can significantly improve the analytical capabilities of the spectrometer and provide Raman and luminescent spectra with high spatial, spectral and temporal resolution. The developed integrated system in time resolution is not inferior to similar commercial systems (PicoQuant, Becker & Hikl, etc.), while having a much higher spectral resolution.

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