"Mirror neuron technology. Innovative method of psychological counseling" courses

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Educational courses "Mirror neuron technology. Innovative method of psychological counseling" is hold for bachelor and master students in order to form skills in implementation of Innovative  method of psychological counseling, based on Mirror neuron technology.

For the first time mirror neuron was discovered and described by Giacomo Rizzollatti  in early 1990's at the University of Parma. It was proved that this neuron fires both when a creature acts and when it observes the same action performed by another. That is a mechanism of understanding the actions of other people and learning new skills by imitation.

Later on a Mexican neurophysiologist J. Zylberbaum conducted a series of experiments and  proved that the ability to understand the psychosomatic and psycho-emotional state of another person, to feel and to show empathy is also the result of mirror neurons work. Moreover, J. Zilberbaum made a splash in scientific community, proving the ability of mirror neurons to transmit this information from a distance.

Since that time a concern with mirror neuron has been growing. The field of the research has long gone beyond the framework of neurobiology and is rapidly capturing medicine, psychophysiology and psychology.

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • get acquainted with the phenomenon of “mirror neurons”, the features of their functioning in the human nervous system;
  • master the technology of using the properties of mirror neurons in the field of humanitarian professions
  • form skills of applying technology in their professional activities

The course programme:

  1. The history of mirror neurons discovery. Psychophysiological rationale of their functioning. Spatial psychology.
  2. Facilities and limits in using the technology of mirror neurons.
  3. Introduction to the technology of mirror neurons (“I see you”, “Getting back into the flow”, “Restoration of the flow”, “Formation of traumatic bounds” and ect); diagnostic capabilities of technology.
  4. Two fundamental points of mirror neurons:  identification of hidden motives and true intentions; normalization of the psycho emotional state.
  5. Peculiarities of using the technology in different fields: family counseling; parent-child relationships; somatic and mental health.
  6. Putting the technology into practice  in individual and group formats.

The course is led by: PhD in psychology, associate professor

Duration: 48 academical hours

Number of participants: 9 people

Fee: 210 BYN/1 person

Location: BLK Str., 21, office 13

Аt the end of the course a standard certificate of education is issued.

Contact Information:

Faculty of psychology

Gaspadarchaya Str., 23, Grodno

+375 (152) 44 69 08

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