Educational courses "Controllers in control systems: circuitry and programming"

  • до From 9,000.00 руб.

Courses for engineering and technical personnel of Belteks Optic CJSC (Lida) on programming and circuitry of controllers in control systems.

Number of hours: 100 hours

Minimum number of people in a group: 5 people * 4 groups = 20 people

Contingent (age): adults with high school

Cost: the total cost of the service without VAT up to 9000 rubles.

Contact information:

Department of Information Systems and Technologies / Faculty of Physics and Technology

230009, Grodno, BLK 5

Beituk Yu. R.

+375 (29) 149 28 77

Ramazanov V.M.

+375 (33) 686 12 61

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