Plasmon films of silver and gold on dielectric substrates

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Nanotechnology product for highly sensitive studies (detection) of ultra-small quantities of substances by the methods of spectroscopy of plasmon resonances, giant Raman scattering of light ans enhanced surface luminescence

Main characteristics:

The maximum spectral absorption in the range of 400-700 nm (on client's request)

Optical density at maximum absorption 0.4-1.0

The dimensions of the metal islands in the substrate plane are 5-120 nm

The height of the metal islands is 10-150 nm

The size of the substrate is 10x20 mm (or on request of the client)

Processing of the film with solutions of salts and acids, surfactants and biopolymers to impart specific adsorption properties (on client's request)

Novelty and advantages over the counterparts

The ability to produce plasmon films with client's characteristics which are optimized for selective amplification of the Raman signal or luminescence of adsorbate molecules of certain classes.

Contact information:


Postal address:

230023, The Republic of Belarus,

Grodno, Socialisticheskaya Str., 12;

EO "Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno";

Physico-technical faculty,

Laboratory of Molecular Spectroscopy and Optics of Nanostructures

Head of the laboratory

Strekal Natalia;

Телефон: +375 336 864 600

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