3D printing (3D prototyping) is a layered creation of a physical object that corresponds to a mathematical model presented in CAD format. Unlike traditional methods of production, rapid prototyping of products doesn't provide the removal of material (milling, drilling, grinding) or changing its shape (stamping, forging, bending, rolling). Volumetric printing of products is carried out layered extension of the material of the model, before the formation of a single finished product.

Material: plastic

Size of one piece: maximum size is 120*120*150 mm

Printing: one-color and two-color. The multi-color printing is possible in several stages.

Contact information: 

Department od material science and resource-saving technologies

Grodno, Kurchatova Str., 1a, office 701

+ 375 (152) 43 41 69; + 375 (29) 265 99 36

e-mail:  kaf_mirt@grsu.by

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