Electrophysical measurements

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Since April 1, 2013, the Laboratory of Electrophysical Measurements is accredited for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO / IEC 17025 (accreditation certificate No. BY / 112 02.2.4374 until April 1, 2018).

The scope of accreditation:

  • measurement of insulation resistance of apparatuses, power and lighting networks, secondary AC and DC circuits with voltage up to 1000V;
  • measurement of the resistance of the grounding device;
  • measurement of soil resistivity;
  • control of connections of grounding conductors with grounded elements with measurement of transient resistance of connection of grounding conductors with grounding elements;
  • Phase-zero circuit tests in electrical installations up to 1 kV with a neutral grounding:
  • Phase-zero circuit impedance;
  • time of shutdown of the protection apparatus (according to time-of-time characteristic);
  • impedance of the protective conductor between the switchboard and the point of connection of the protective conductor to the main potential equalization system.

The laboratory offers next services:

  • measurement of insulation resistance of cables, apparatuses, power and lighting networks, secondary AC and DC circuits with voltage up to 1000V;
  • measurement of the resistance of the grounding device;
  • measurement of the resistance of grounding device of lightning protection;
  • measurement of soil resistivity:
  • verification of the presence of a circuit between the grounding (zeroing) device and grounded (zeroed) elements, as well as between grounded installations and elements of grounded installations with simultaneous measurement of the transient resistance of the contact connection;
  • measurement of the protective conductor impedance;
  • examination of the protection operation of electrical installations up to 1000 V with a power supply system with a low-grounded neutral by measuring the impedance of a phase-zero circuit (neutral circuit) with the subsequent calculation of the single-phase short circuit current to the body or the neutral wire;
  • testing of security devices. 

For each test and measurement carried out, a protocol of the established form and content is drawn up. It contains information on the values ​​of parameters and characteristics of the tested electrical installations and electrical networks, test data, and a conclusion on compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations.

The laboratory carries out electrophysical measurements that are required to verify the compliance of the basic characteristics of the electrical network with existing standards and design data. We also conduct prophylactic measurements to check the performance of electrical equipment and electrical installations, which helps to identify existing deviations in time, prevent breakdowns and dangerous electrical wiring ignition.

The measurements are carried out by highly qualified specialists who use modern and accurate electrical measuring equipment which is included in the register of SR RB.

In addition, the laboratory provides services for the repair of equipment and measuring tools of optical, physico-chemical and mechanical quantities.

We guarantee low prices, high quality, reliability, accuracy and validity of the work performed in full compliance with the regulatory documentation.

Specialists of the laboratory are ready to go to any site within the Republic of Belarus on their own transport.

Contact information:

Physico-technical faculty

Phone number +375 (29) 26 82 793  – Lickevich Artur

e-mail: lickevich_au@grsu.by

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