Spectral study of micro-element balance in the bodies of humans and animals based on the analysis of samples of biological tissues

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Laboratory of physical and chemical methods of the research of environmental objects assesses the amount of chemical elements in the human body for the population and organizations on a paid basis by one of the most modern methods - the method of X-ray fluorescence analysis. 

Is the body provided with the main macro- and microelements? 

Is there a risk of microelementosis? How safe is the environment you live in and work? Are the nutrition and medicines you take effective for normalizing the balance of trace elements and cleansing the body of toxic substances? The proposed methods of the research can answer these questions.

Especially valuable information can be obtained by combining the proposed methods of diagnosis and nutrition test. Diet assessment is carried out on 43 nutrients, including protein, 8 essentialamino acids; animaol and vegetable fats, fatty acids, cholesterol; carbohydrates (sugar, starch, pectins, fiber); vitamins ( A, Beta-carotene, E, C, B1, B2, B6, PP); macro- and microelements (K, NA, Ca, Mg, P, Fe, Cu, Zn).

We develop oprimal diets taking into account the individual characteristics of the bodies of humans and animals, including individual methods for improving the performance of athletes, reducing the risks of employees who are working at hazardous industries, special formulations of animal feed, etc.

This service is available for the public. It's possible to send a sample of hair for examination by mail (by prior arrangement)!

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Physico-technical faculty

Laboratory of physical and chemical metods of the research of environmental objects

Grodno, BLK, 5, office 215

+375 (29) 69 69 069 

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