Voluntary ground vehicle insurance Avtokasko is:

  • insurance coverage for your car against all risks.
  • compensation for the cost of repairing your car in any case.
  • compensation for the cost of your car if it is stolen or completely destroyed.

"Avtocasko Standard"

Full insurance coverage against all risks. No restrictions on driving experience and storage space. The territory of the agreement is the Republic of Belarus and beyond its borders. Compensation for damages is made by paying the invoice of the repair company. Age of cars taken for insurance - up to 7 years.

"Avtocasko Classic"

The policyholder chooses the necessary options to ensure an individual level of protection of the vehicle. The age of cars accepted for insurance is unlimited.

"Avtokasko Mini"

The vehicle is insured only in case of damage caused by a traffic accident or accident. Minimum cost of the insurance policy in case of an unlimited number of applications for insurance events.

Do you want to feel more confident? Take the "Autocasco" policy with you on the road!

Contact information: 

Regional Tourism Centre

22 Ozheshko Street, Grodno.

+ 375 (152) 77 37 85; + 375 (152) 77 37 86; + 375 (29) 869 06 02  

email: regunivertur@mail.ru

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