"Computer from scratch" courses

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Educational Innovative Centre of the Faculty of Pedagogy holds the computer courses.

It’s never late to start studying!

The course is designed for those users who want to master OC Windows, programmes like MS Word, MS Excel and etc. It also may be beneficial for those who use computer at work  or for their own needs.

Classes are provided by lecturers who understand that the students are beginners and pay attention to each every one! The programme consists of 6 modules, 8 classes per any module.


  1. Introduction to operating system Windows
  2. Introduction to the  programme Microsoft Office Word.
  3. Introduction to the programme Microsoft Excel
  4. Introduction to the global net Internet and work with e-mail.
  5. Introduction to the programme Movie maker
  6. Introduction to Android platform

Under the guidance of our lecturer you have a practice on your computer. That is why the result is guaranteed!

At the end of the course you will obtain a standard Certificate. After the programme you may continue your education at more difficult courses.

Сost: 4 BYN

Contact information:

 Faculty of pedagogy

Zakharova Str., 32, office 7, Grodno

+375 (152) 45 02 90,

МТS +375(29)866 80 34,

Velcom: +375(29) 69 23 758

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