Computer courses (for schoolchildren)

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Educational Innovative Centre at the Faculty of Pedagogy holds computer courses.

Training is organized according to approved programmes in two directions:

Computer is an assistant in life. Here students  can gain elementary skills in PC, get acquainted with Windows interface, find out how to work with word and graphic editors, learn to create simple documents, study the definition of “information”, kinds and techniques  of data processing.

Introduction to Algorithmization and Programming. The course is designed to  get an elementary idea about algorithms, executors of algorithms, programming environment, skills of working with computer performers, writing programmes for obtaining simple graphic images.

Classes are held according to the scheme: 35 minutes of study time - 10 minutes of active leisure - 35 minutes of study time. Every 10 - 15 minutes of continuous work on the computer, participants receive a set of special exercises to relieve eye and muscle tension. Individual work on the computer is combined with a group discussion on problem situations, completing tasks in  student's personal notebook using drawing and other tools.

Cost: 4 BYN

Contact Information:

Faculty of Pedagogy

Zakharova Str., 32, office 7, Grodno

+375 (152) 75 64 69

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