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The main purpose of the courses is to improve foreign language communicative competence of a future specialist, that means to use a foreign language as a means of professional communication. Courses allow you to expand the module of professional communication. The emphasis is on improving students' foreign language skills in IT.

1 а shortened course program is provided.

Terms of service provision: 01.04.2021 to 31.05.2021

The course is designed for 40 hours

Target group: high school students, students, adults

Timing and frequency of service: recruitment of the groups is every year until October 1st.

Classes are held from 01.10 to 31.05 (120 hours of practical training for each level)

Location: Lessons take place in the YKSUG main building  (Ozheshko Str., 22)

Classes are held in small groups (from 6 to 10 people). Every year we improve the quality of the services provided, expanding their range in accordance with the client’s actual needs. The methodological base of the courses is made up of both original educational complexes of Oxford, Cambridge, Longman publishers, as well as author’s programmes  of our tutors.

Our specialists regularly do internships in the countries of the languages they teach, which allows us to maintain a high level of teaching.

Fee: 480 BYN

120 BYN (for 1 а shortened course)

At the end of the course, a standard certificate is issued.

Contact Information:

Faculty of Philology

Ozheshko Str., 22, Grodno, office 335-b

+375 (152) 39 43 32

+375 (152) 72 38 42

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